Alec Sims has been involved with music and sound related pursuits his whole life. Alec was a professional musician for many years before discovering the world of Sound Healing. Alec has worked with Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds since 1998. He was a core faculty member at the annual International Healing Sounds Intensive for 19 years and has been the director of the Healing Sounds Correspondence Course since 2002. During that that time he has done personal consultation sessions with hundreds of students worldwide offering instruction in vocal toning and harmonic overtone chant.

Alec is the author (with Joshua Goldman) of the acclaimed book Sound Healing for Beginners (from Llewellyn Worldwide). His harmonic overtone chanting is featured on many of Jonathan Goldman’s most popular CD’s such as “Ultimate Om“, “The Lost Chord“, and “The Divine Name: Sounds of the God Code“. Alec lives in Boulder, Colorado  where he continues to pursue music performance, vocal toning, and Sound Healing teachings.
Alec has also hosted the Shift Network’s Sound Healing Summit  since 2019 where he has  interviewed dozens of the world’s top Sound Healing teachers & practitioners.

Joshua Goldman is a lifelong sound healer. His father is renowned sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. From the time he was born, Joshua has been surrounded by and worked with sound as a healing modality. He was raised around numerous luminaries in the sound field. Through the years filled with workshops and teachings, Joshua has gained a deep knowledge of sound healing on both the technical and experiential levels. Joshua is passionate about spreading knowledge of sonic modalities, and is excited to see a world where more people explore and benefit from the transformational power of sound.